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  • How to use silver jewellery properly?
    Silver jewllery is soft metal. Ensure proper wearing and removing,those screws and beads. Use it, Care it, Wear it, Store it.
  • Is silver jewllery Child friendly?
    Yes, Check for any skin infections, reddishness caused in first wear. If any skin irritation is seen, stop usage and consult a doctor for possible meatal reactions. Ensure that infants and children under age of 6 wear the jewellery under observation. Pure silver can break and if broken can be repaired, ensure children wearing silver if broken, remove immediately as small pieces can be swalloed accidentaly.
  • How to care silver jewellery?
    Polish it pretty with cleansers like- Silver dip or Rooperi and DIY ( like baking soda & water and wipe with soft cloth.) Keep silver jewllery dry. remove jewellery while bathing,showering or swimming. Keep distance from and direct contact with perfumes,body lotions,hair sprays and other chemicals.
  • How to store silver jewellery?
    Keep way from extreme temperatures and humidity. Maintain proper storage for jewellery when not in use with boxes and with less pressure or congested
  • Do you offer refund?
    No. We don't offer refunds.
  • What is my jewellery is damaged on unpacking?
    We understand that sometimes jewellery can be damaged during transportation, in this cases we offer replacement of the same jewellery asap.
  • Do I have to pay any shipping charges?
    We offer free shipping PAN India. For international shipping you have to pay additional shipping charges depending on the country.
  • Is this 92.5 Pure Silver Jewellery?
    Yes, We only deal in 92.5 pure silver jewellery and we do provide GST Invoice of the same with HSN Code.
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