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Handcrafted jewellery designer brand based in Mumbai from past 3 generations

We at Sakksham Silver have a legacy in the jewellery Industry from 1970, with the third generations taking the emulating torch ahead in today’s time.

Our experience is straight from the roots of manufacturing the ornaments which are handcrafted, out of the most precious and purest metals on the planet till this date.


With Sakksham Silver, we have taken a step forward in making our pure silver jewellery reach to our vibrant personalities aiming in enhancing their beauty to the epitome.

These masterpieces are handcrafted by talented artisans who keep oceanful knowledge in detailing these precious metals.


The whole venture of Sakksham silver was founded by Mrs. Uma Jain. The journey started when she was looking to match the legacy and the ongoing trend in India. Being a CS by profession, after being married in family with 50 years of jewellery business, she had a keen of designing blends of pieces around, bringing them to life. Modern Traditional was the blend which the whole family supported as the new generation liked what was being made. The whole collection is the unique blend of classic and ravishing designs and 92.5% silver. The collection is a perfect suit for new traditionalmodern, working and self made Indian women.

Family being the manufacture for best brands in our country, she decided to uncover the ocean of opportunities for trendy and classical designs.


“Handcrafted jewellery is the best way to ensure the perfection needed along with the detailing and quality offering” says the founder of Sakksham Silver, Mrs. Jain


“Sakksham” the name itself is the name with meaning of capability and our founder having a heart for empowering people around, was established to take the legacy ahead of family. 


Today Sakksham Silver serves astonishing and one of the kind masterpieces to the clientele.

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